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Benefits of Solar Systems: Alternative Energy Solutions

Benefits of Solar Systems: Alternative Energy Solutions

Wetility Marketing 18 March 2024

Unleashing the Power of the Sun: Looking at the Multiple Benefits of Solar Systems


Solar systems are popular renewable energy solutions enabling homeowners and businesses to pave the way to a more sustainable future. Careful consideration of your specific requirements and budget has allowed us at Wetility to put the power back in your hands through our uniquely innovative solar solutions. 


Compelling Reasons to Choose Solar Systems with Wetility


There are many reasons why it is beneficial to opt for solar systems. The most obvious is saving on ever-increasing monthly electricity bills. In addition, we share more benefits of going solar. 


  • These clean, green renewable solutions do not emit greenhouse gasses which are damaging to the environment.
  • Land is underutilised in many areas and can be converted into solar farms feeding power to communities, not just individual homes and businesses.
  • Due to advancements in technology, solar can be used by a wider populace without having to rely on traditional limited sources. This translates into an almost energy-independent status.
  • Energy is transferred to end consumers through extensive and intricate networks which are not very dependable. Harnessing the power of the sun through solar panel installations on rooftops increases energy efficiency as there are no problematic service interruptions. 
  • Solar systems function as small power plants giving you ample power security. 


If you are concerned that you will have to leave your solar panel installation behind due to relocation, Wetility offers flexible solutions giving you the freedom to decide whether your solar system remains a fixed or moveable current and future asset.   


Taking Your Solar Installation to the Next Level


Smart technology has not only allowed Wetility to provide expertly mounted photovoltaic (PV) panels on your roof. It has also allowed us to convert basic solar panel installations into hybrid systems giving you complete control of your energy consumption at your PACE. 


Powered by PACE


Powered by our rooftop installations, PACE is the heart of Wetility’s solar systems. Designed to control the flow of energy through solar panels and state-of-the-art hybrid technology, this system allows you to manage your power supply even in cloudy weather conditions. Intelligent and constant monitoring allows us to manage the battery life on your behalf keeping your system running even during the harshest load-shedding stages. PACE is a hybrid solar system that keeps the batteries charged and the lights on for up to eight hours. 


The PACE advantage provides businesses with continued consistency and cost efficiency producing from 5kW to 50MW of uninterrupted power. Homeowners can benefit from our bespoke solutions that can power as many devices as preferred as it is calculated on your average monthly use.  


As passionate as we are about renewable energy solutions, we carefully consider your specific requirements and conduct in-depth energy audits through our We-XTM digital interface. This enables us to customise solar systems according to your needs and available space.      


Power Up with a Leading Solar Energy Solution Provider


With a team of visionaries, entrepreneurs, engineers and financial experts as the driving force of the Wetility brand, we are a leading solar energy provider. Modular and scaleable, our solar systems are powered by South Africans with the vision to power Africa through continuous research and development. Contact the team that provides the most sustainable renewable hybrid energy source, Wetility.