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PACE MAXI 3PH (3x1PH): 19 solar panels, 15kWh storage


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PACE MAXI 3PH (3x1PH) includes
+ PROMOTION, 17 black frame 430Wp Top-tier solar panels, plus 2 extra, 8.1kWp (19) total
+ Hybrid inverter 3 x 1PH inverters (one inverter per phase), total 15kW AC / 22.5kW AC & DC combined 
+ Lithium-ion (LFP) battery storage 15kWh


Backup Capability across 3 Phases: Security Fence, CCTV, Lighting, DStv Decoder, Phone Charger, TV, Laptop, Streaming Devices, WiFi Router, and multiple Fridge-Freezers - plus devices such as garage motor, kettle or similar. System can power for 8 to 12 hours at night. Also, over 20 hours power-outage cover during sunny days or with some intervening grid recharging available. 10-year Product Warranty

This system is designed for typical residential single phase loads only, in a home having three phase supply from the grid. This covers the needs of most residential three phase homes, because the added flexibility of three inverters allows continued functionality when the three phase grid is unstable. However, only single phase appliances may be supplied, and if you have commercial appliances specifically requiring three phase input (such as three phase motors), please inform us during your site visit.

Included in your bundle

Wetility PACE series solar

Wetility PACE MAXI 3PH series

Free 2+ extra black frame Tier 1 solar panels

Free +2 extra black frame top-tier solar panels


Free smart geyser control for each geyser + Free one-year subscription

Voltage and current protective relay

Free voltage and current protection (DB-level plus protection on backup)

Free Kambrook SmartLife Air Fryer 4.6 litres

Free Kambrook SmartLife Air Fryer 4.6 litres for energy efficient cooking

Total Beast Bundle Price

R4,549 Save R350 per month

R4,199 per month