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Welcome to Wetility's 360 Experience.

Why Wetility App?

An always on solution that works every single day, guaranteed.

Energy is what you need to keep going, keep connected, keep creating, keep growing, keep evolving. It's energy at your PACE and we understand that PACE is unique to your home, business, and lifestyle. Which is why our solutions are tailored after an in-depth energy audit of your needs and space.

We can either offer you an online consultation and proposal simply using your address and electricity bill through our We-X™ digital interface, or we can meet in person. But, only after we've looked at your space and understood your needs do we provide you with a detailed design.

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How do we do this?

Through our innovative 360 Wetility experience – synchronizing the three sides of our business: the head, the heart and the hands.

Wetility 360 Experience.

We-X™, Wetility PACE and our rooftop solar systems work together to provide you with a personalised 360 Wetility experience, allowing you to interact, connect and grow as you need to, when you need to.

Why Wetility App?

We-X™ The Head

We-X™ is the head, an easy to use digital platform that intelligently enables you to stay connected with remote monitoring and instant alerts. We-X™ connects you to:

  • A preliminary design.
  • A comprehensive cost-saving analysis.
  • Access 24/7 monitoring of your PACE & ongoing service support.
  • Connects you to a wetility Customer Relationship Manager.
  • Daily analytics of savings and consumption.
  • Essential weather updates and tailored switching schedules.
  • Maintenance & fault alerts.
  • A tax rebate (for business customers only). Learn more.
  • An instant booking platform.
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Home Solutions

Your space determines your pace.

At Wetility we're ready to keep it switched on and always energised. Every home is different. Your needs, location, budget, productivity, and lifestyle will determine your solution. Our team carefully consider every single aspect to provide you with a holistic, seamless solution that will allow you to live your life at your PACE. From standalone homes to estates and sectional titles, our service and offering are tailored to mean more flow, more PACE, more you, guaranteed.

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Home Solutions

Your home, your 360 Wetility experience.

Our product is matched by our service. Your home will be powered by our 360 Wetility Experience. Every piece of your Wetility design is carefully selected to ensure durability, value, and delivery.

Like our solutions, we're always about alternatives, which is why we also offer a leasing option - Pay-at-PACE - which means no upfront or hidden costs but guaranteed savings, it's uninterrupted power when you need it, for as long as you need it.

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Business Solutions

From 5kW to 50MW it's business at your PACE.

From the intensiveness of your solution to the duration of uninterruption, Wetility is all about continuity, consistency, and cost efficiency.

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Business Solutions

Your business, your 360 Wetility experience.

Your business will be powered by our 360 Wetility Experience. And we ensure that all our solutions meet the energy permit and licensing requirements for your business.

We also offer a power purchase agreement or leasing option – Pay-at-PACE – which gives your business the flexibility and freedom to enjoy energy at your PACE without any upfront or hidden costs.

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