Why Solar Subscription and Lease-to-Own Shine Brighter Than Cash Outright ☀️

Why Solar Subscription and Lease-to-Own Shine Brighter Than Cash Outright ☀️

Vincent Maposa 4 October 2023

In South Africa's pursuit of a more sustainable future, opting for hybrid solar power isn't just an eco-conscious choice—it's also a financially prudent decision. Let's delve into why subscription and lease-to-own models have gained prominence over cash purchases, all while addressing the current Eskom loadshedding situation.

As Eskom grapples with load shedding, here are some considerations for opting for a monthly payment plan for hybrid solar power as a resilient solution:

Zero Upfront Costs: While your load shedding schedule poses challenges, subscription and lease-to-own models provide an escape from the financial constraints typically associated with solar solutions.

Financial Flexibility: Load shedding today necessitates flexibility. Subscription plans offer predictable monthly payments, allowing better budget management.

Peace of Mind: Eskom load shedding stage today can be unpredictable, varying from stage 2 to stage 6 to stage 8 and beyond for some. With subscription and lease-to-own arrangements, maintenance and system upgrades become the provider's responsibility.

Options Galore: The freedom to postpone the choice between subscription and ownership adapts to the individual's needs and goals, while being also free to ignore load shedding timetables and their disruption of daily life. 

In today's dynamic energy landscape marked by Eskom load shedding, subscription and lease-to-own models emerge as practical, eco-friendly, and cost-effective pathways to hybrid solar power adoption. They empower individuals and businesses to navigate load shedding hours while harnessing the benefits of renewable energy. 🌞💚

Let's continue exploring innovative ways to embrace clean energy solutions and work collaboratively toward a brighter, more sustainable future. With Eskom load shedding and the unpredictability of load shedding schedules, it's time to go solar and secure your power. 🌏🔆 


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