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Understanding What Drives a Solar Panel Price for Sustainable Energy

Understanding What Drives a Solar Panel Price for Sustainable Energy

Rosemary Bell 18 March 2024

Understanding What Drives a Solar Panel Price for Sustainable Energy


Over the past couple of years, solar installations for commerce, industry and residences have increased exponentially due to the ease in regulations that prevented more than 1MW of harnessed energy from being consumed. In turn, this has allowed alternative energy providers, such as Wetility, to be able to accommodate a solar panel price that is more affordable. 


When you factor in the cost of increased electricity tariffs, the possibility of petrol and diesel hikes as well as the exorbitant price of generators, solar panel prices are cost-effective and offer a long-term solution to the energy crisis. At Wetility, we are passionate about putting the power back into the hands of South Africans and offer tailored bundles based on your current electricity spend. 


The Solar Panel Price You Can Afford


After conducting in-depth research into solar installations, you might feel disheartened at the upfront costs involved. Furthermore, calculating the amount of panels required to power devices and appliances that are essential might have you looking at your budget and rethinking this as a sustainable energy solution. Wetility offers affordable monthly solar subscriptions, intelligent power management and surge protection without breaking the bank. By giving you the option of choosing the Beast Bundle that best suits your energy needs, our seamless solutions keep the lights on and allow you to live life at your PACE.   


What’s Actually Driving Solar Panel Costs?


Many factors affect a solar panel price, among them the number of panels that are needed to power your home, the types of panels you want, the cost of the inverter and added extras, such as smart technology, to drive the system. Wetility isn’t going to delve deep into the costs per installation. Instead, we will share our years of thorough research into alternative energy solutions, collaborations and partnerships that have brought us to this point: solar installations that are affordable for all. 


  1. The balance between quality and savings

As our goal is to offer you sustainable energy, we consider the quality of the system versus the monthly subscription. Our collaborations allowed us to introduce meticulously designed plans that match quality with affordability giving us the opportunity to perfectly pair our PACE products with the latest hybrid inverter technology. By doing this, we have ensured greater savings and more power per unit.


  1. Smart geyser controls

The geyser is the appliance that consumes the most electricity and is responsible for between 40 and 50% of a household’s electricity consumption. Taking control of this expenditure has brought about the Beast Bundles that incorporate smart geyser controls allowing you to manage your geyser’s energy consumption. Together with the banked savings from solar, we can boost your pocket savings up to an additional 20%. 


  1. Surge protection

To further avoid you having to pay a steep solar panel price, we introduced a feature that safeguarded essential appliances once the lights came back on. The added surge protection to our Beast Bundles minimises the risk of damage.  


Working Together to Secure Power


By harnessing the power of the sun, Wetility can give you useable energy that is clean, affordable, sustainable and accessible. Our team of entrepreneurs, financial experts and engineers always explore cost-effective and innovative ways to embrace alternative energy sources. Contact us so that you can start reaping the benefits of the 360 Wetility Experience.