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Understanding a Hybrid Solar Inverter | More Sustainable Energy

Understanding a Hybrid Solar Inverter | More Sustainable Energy

Wetility 3 May 2024

Powering the Future: Understanding a Hybrid Solar Inverter


The burgeoning field of solar technology is revolutionising the way homes, businesses and industries in South Africa view energy consumption. For newcomers, navigating the intricacies of a hybrid solar inverter can be daunting. While markets may offer a variety of solar inverters, the energy experts at Wetility would like you to gain a better understanding of how a hybrid inverter bridges the gap between systems, seamlessly integrating a solar power system with a battery-based inverter, creating a unified and versatile setup.


Taking Advantage of a Renewable Resource with Hyrbid Solar Inverters


South Africa is blessed with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, making it prime territory for solar panel installations. A hybrid solar inverter plays a key role in unlocking the potential of this natural resource. These intelligent devices convert solar energy into useable, stored power ensuring a continuous supply of electricity even during inclement weather and grid outages. The biggest advantage of a hybrid solar inverter from Wetility is that it empowers South African homes and businesses to achieve greater energy independence.


Standard solar installations might seem like an option; however, you need to consider the additional costs of a separate inverter system to transform direct current to alternating current and vice versa. What a hybrid solar inverter does is convert the direct current generated from your solar panels into alternating current for all your home appliances, allowing you to maintain your normal electricity consumption even during power outages, and keeping the lights on when others might be left in the dark.


Two Key Benefits of a Hybrid System


  1. Uninterrupted power supply

A hybrid solar inverter system from Wetility incorporates storage batteries that are linked to the inverter, thereby guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply.  These lithium-ion batteries assume the role of the inverter, providing backup power for hours, without solar or grid support. This innovative integration enhances the reliability and resilience of solar energy use.


  1. Optimal energy use

No need to be concerned about cloudy days, because the Wetility tech team has already addressed it. Incorporating battery storage within a hybrid system facilitates maximising solar energy capture during periods of abundant sunshine. This strategic integration allows for the optimal utilisation of solar radiation by storing excess energy generated on sunny days. Subsequently, the stored power can be discharged as you see fit to meet power demands during overcast periods and load shedding.


At Wetility, we believe in putting the power back in your hands and will assist you in estimating your current energy usage to determine which Beast Bundle best suits your household or business needs. 


Hybrid Before Off-Grid


While achieving complete energy independence might be your ultimate goal, we recommend taking a measured approach by starting with a hybrid solar inverter system. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the popularity of solar panels continues to drive down the cost and, secondly, advancements in technology improve efficiency and functionality. Our hybrid system embraces the best of both worlds, providing you with the flexibility to use both grid and solar power, ensuring that even high-energy-demand appliances remain operational. Wetility’s unique setup not only enhances your energy security but also saves you money on monthly electricity costs.


A More Sustainable Energy Future


At Wetility, we are deeply committed to providing our customers with alternative energy solutions by harnessing the power of the sun responsibly and efficiently. Contact us and our team of experts will introduce you to a hybrid solution that complements your current power supply, propelling you towards a more sustainable future.