Simplifying Solar Energy Installation: Your Path to Uninterrupted Power and Cost Savings

Simplifying Solar Energy Installation: Your Path to Uninterrupted Power and Cost Savings

V. Maposa 3 October 2023

Imagine you're a homeowner eager to harness solar + battery power to manage load shedding and reduce electricity costs. But what if you choose a fragmented approach? Financing from one source, equipment purchased separately, hiring an independent installer, and performing your own maintenance – sounds like a lot of hassle, right?

🛠️ Problem 1: Installer Uncertainty 🛠️

Your installer lacks the expertise to ensure top-notch performance. This can lead to inefficiencies, reduced savings, and even safety concerns down the line. If issues arise, getting the installer to rectify them can be a challenge. Your investment falls short of expectations.

🔧 Problem 2: Warranty and Maintenance Challenges 🔧

Attempting DIY maintenance, you find yourself stuck in a warranty dispute you're unprepared for. Manufacturers blame installers, installers blame equipment, and you're caught in the crossfire with no resolution in sight.

💰 Problem 3: Financial Strain 💰

While still paying off your financing, your system might not be performing optimally. This financial strain tarnishes the solar dream you once had.

Now, consider a simpler path:

✅ One-Stop Solution ✅

With Wetility, everything seamlessly comes together – software, hardware, financing, remote monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and bundled products. It's a unified experience.

🛡️ Warranty Peace of Mind 🛡️

No more warranty hassles. Wetility provides a single point of contact to resolve concerns, ensuring your system runs smoothly.

💡 Expert Installation 💡

Certified installers ensure your solar panels and batteries are set up correctly, maximising efficiency and safety.

💰 Flexible Financing 💰

Financing is integrated, and upfront, all you need to do is subscribe. You have the option to buy the system and own it or continue to subscribe, simplifying payments. No more juggling payments to multiple entities – it's a straightforward process.

Visit to customise your Beast Bundle and subscribe or check out our FAQs to learn more about the wonderful world of smart energy solutions: