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Inverter Solutions | Subscription Options from Wetility

Inverter Solutions | Subscription Options from Wetility

Wetility 3 May 2024

Owning the Power: Exploring Subscription-based Inverter Solutions


Continued hikes in electricity tariffs coupled with load shedding have made seeking alternative energy solutions a priority. What was once considered a commodity that only catered to a niche market is now an option for all through Wetility, subscription-based inverter solutions that give you the power to regain control of your energy consumption.


Enjoy Uninterrupted Power at Your PACE with Subscription-based Inverter Solutions


Through strategic partnerships with several service providers, we can offer households and businesses alike affordable monthly subscriptions without any upfront or hidden costs. Our inverter solutions allow you to Pay-at-PACE giving you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy energy at your PACE. Every Beast Bundle considers your current electricity spend, which in turn allows us to tailor packages to your average consumption making sure that all essential appliances remain on when the lights go off.


Ensuring a Smooth Energy Transition


Often when something seems too good to be true, it usually is, except when it comes to Wetility’s subscription-based inverter systems. We are passionate about innovative energy solutions and believe that our hybrid systems should be accessible to those who need a continuous supply of power to build business empires or turn a house into a home. Here is how we do it: 


  1. Digitally designing your customised solution

At Wetility, we simplify the transition to solar energy for your home. By supplying us with your address and recent electricity account, our team of experts can generate a preliminary proposal outlining a customised solar and battery backup system. This proposal will not only detail your potential cost savings but will also clearly illustrate which appliances can remain operational during a power outage, providing valuable peace of mind.



  1. Seamless system installation

Following your approval of our proposal, our experienced rooftop PV installers will expertly mount solar panels on your roof and install the battery backup system. To ensure optimal performance and, of course, your satisfaction, a comprehensive handover process will be conducted. This will include a series of functional tests and a clear explanation of the system’s operations, especially the essential do’s and don’ts for successful ongoing usage.


  1. Guiding you through the functionalities

We are not one of those companies that walk away once the job is done. Our dedicated support team will proactively contact you to guide you through the functionalities of your system’s monitoring interface. This will equip you to interpret the valuable data provided, including real-time insights into your energy usage and the ongoing cost savings generated by your chosen inverter solution.


  1. Ongoing support

Knowing how your system operates, including accessing all the data needed off your mobile device, isn’t where we leave you. We will continuously be in touch to schedule routine maintenance checks and provide advisory support based on the data received from the monitoring system.


With all that Wetility’s subscription-based inverter solutions offer, can you afford not to select a Beast Bundle that best suits your energy needs?


Enjoy Energy at Your PACE


There is no time like the present to take advantage of our 360 Wetility Experience and enjoy the numerous benefits that our Pay-at-PACE packages afford you, our soon-to-be valued customer. If we have piqued your interest and you find that our subscription-based inverter solutions are better suited to your business or home requirements,  contact us for an on-site visit so that we can gather the information needed to customise your energy solutions.