Backup Power: Continuous Power Solutions with Wetility

Backup Power: Continuous Power Solutions with Wetility

Wetility Marketing 18 March 2024

Beyond Candles: Your Guide to Backup Power and Staying Bright


Investing in backup power brings peace of mind knowing that when the lights go out you won’t be left in the dark. From flickering screens to frozen foods, the inconvenience of a power outage is immediate. Without a silent guardian standing between you and the darkness, your inability to safeguard your valuable possessions from being affected by power cuts is frustrating. Giving you the confidence to weather power outages, protect your valuables and nurture your unique lifestyle is Wetility – your hybrid solar solution specialist. 


Unplug the Panic with Wetility’s Backup Power


Your home is filled with electronic appliances, gizmos and gadgets that have become indispensable. Relying solely on the municipal supply can disrupt daily routines leaving you without the comforts and necessities that are normally taken for granted. Mitigating power disruptions starts with selecting the right type of backup supply which can mean the difference between having to light a candle or being able to power multiple devices for several hours. At Wetility, we believe that energy is fuel enabling you to realise your full potential whether at home or work. We understand that you need uninterrupted power. 


Starting with the Basics


By combining the latest AI technology with out-of-the-box thinking, Wetility has introduced backup power systems with integrated smart energy solutions to match your specific needs. Starting with the basics, our PACE Mono Backup solution includes a hybrid inverter, lithium-ion battery, and smart geyser control. Through an app on your phone, you can control and monitor your geyser’s electricity consumption, receive instant alerts on any faults and so much more. 


This entry-level Beast Bundle has the backup capability to charge several appliances and devices for up to four hours without grid support and recharge once the power is on. Once you have tested the waters, you will unlock the endless possibilities of PV panels, which is why we have designed our PACE Mono Backup system to be seamlessly configured for solar power.  

The Future is Hybrid


By using both the energy of solar and municipal power, Wetility can offer hybrid solutions. Relying on the power of the sun to charge the battery during the day means that when dark descends your home can be powered up to eight hours depending on consumption. When the battery is drained, it automatically switches over to the municipal supply. Through the installation of our PV solar panels which convert the sun into useable energy, you may be able to decrease your reliance on grid power by up to 60%. Not only does this give you greater power security, but you won’t be affected by increased load shedding.   


The Head, Heart and Hands of the Business


Staying true to our vision and promise has allowed us to offer you the 360 Wetility Experience. This end-to-end lifestyle offering is fully guaranteed to give you the freedom to interact, connect and grow as and when you need to. At the head is We-XTM, a digital platform that enables you to stay connected. Keeping a constant beat is PACE, the heart of our system, which intelligently controls the energy flow in your home. PACE is powered by our rooftop solar installations, the hands without which our hybrid solutions would not exist.    


Looking towards a sustainable future one step at a time is Wetility, driven by a dynamic team and passionate about innovative energy solutions. Contact your silent backup power guardian and let us help you continue 2024 on Stage 0.