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Beast Mtawarira and Wetility team up to give power back to South Africans

Beast Mtawarira and Wetility team up to give power back to South Africans

Khensane Nkomo & Craig Lewis 21 August 2023

21 August 2023: Wetility, a leading local residential solar fintech company, and Springbok legend Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira are thrilled to announce the launch of the Beast Bundle.
Just as Mtawarira delivered dynamic firepower in the forward pack throughout his illustrious rugby career, the Wetility Beast Bundle - which will be officially available in early September - aims to tackle rising electricity costs and load shedding by providing South Africans with affordable and uninterrupted and reliable power, worry-free.

This exciting collaboration - facilitated by Roc Nation Sports International - marks a significant milestone in South Africans coming together to tackle the nation’s most pressing issues, and promises to deliver unparalleled value to customers around South Africa.

The Beast Bundle has been compiled by energy experts with deep knowledge of the South African energy space and includes everything needed to ensure that power solutions are cost-effective, durable, safe, and remain uninterrupted. It includes: Wetility’s cutting edge solar solution paired with surge protection, a smart geyser control, and more.

Not only does the Beast Bundle offer consumers the convenience of uninterrupted power and entertainment during load shedding or a power outage, its attractive price point ensures better value-for-money than acquiring the components separately.

Driven by Wetility and Mtawarira’s deep commitment to ensuring sustainable energy independence for all, the Beast Bundle - through its unique combination - is defined by the goal of providing affordable power and increased energy bill savings.

Vincent Maposa, CEO and co-founder of Wetility, said this partnership was a match made in heaven.

“While Tendai has made great strides in his rugby career, he is also deeply involved in key social development issues and has made remarkable efforts to make a positive impact on his community and society. This partnership really seeks to drive this message forward, while ensuring that our customers derive unparalleled value from this new product offering.

“Many South Africans can resonate with his journey, and we would like to champion the work we have done to bring energy independence to many South African households together with his passion for driving positive change, during the Rugby World Cup and beyond. We are excited to be able to give South Africans their power back, and hope that this partnership acts as a beacon of hope and unity for all.”

Mtawarira, who is one of the most iconic South African rugby players of all time, said he was equally thrilled to have a new teammate in Wetility.

“Every single South African is impacted by load shedding in one way or another, and I’m super excited by the fact that the Beast Bundle is designed to provide relief and excitement during these challenging times in the country. Wetility and I are perfectly aligned with our mission to impact the lives of as many people as possible.”

Maposa echoed these sentiments, and concluded by saying: “We see many parallels between rugby and energy - both bring significant joy to the lives of South Africans. However, neither is available without the other. We hope that this partnership will allow all South Africans to root for their nation and share joyous moments without sacrifice.”


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